Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 Minutes in October: Wave


A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach. When Glenn put in his requests for PTO he requested a week in October so we could go camping because we figured that, by October, it would probably be cool enough to go camping in Texas. We had done it last year and it was really pretty great so we decided to do it again.

Last year we brought Rahab and went to Padre Island National Seashore and had a great time exploring the TX coast, camping, hanging in hammocks, etc. This year they have a red algae bloom down there so we decided to use our TX State Parks Pass and head to Galveston State Park. We had a good time camping a short walk from the gulf, and playing on the beach which we pretty much had to ourselves. Rahab enjoyed the beach more this year. She swam and didn't fear bite the waves quite so much.

I'm thankful for the time we had to get away and enjoy the waves and be together.

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