Thursday, October 08, 2015

5 Minutes in October: Purple


Purple always makes me think of Lydia. Our Lydia was named after a lady from the book of Acts who was known as a seller of purple and who hosted a church in her home.

We tried to give all of our kids first and middle names after people from the Bible that we'd like them to emulate their lives after. Well, I guess Eve is most known for being the first sinner. Not a lot of people probably look back at her with fondness but she was the mother of all of us.

Caleb was one of the men who chose to trust God would keep His promise, Hannah was the faithful barren woman who became the mother of Samuel and Abigail was a wise woman who became the wife of King David.

I pray that each of my kids will seek to live their lives for God and that their names will remind them of His faithfulness.

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