Thursday, October 15, 2015

5 Minutes in October: Laugh


It made me laugh today when Timehop reminded me it's that Maas holiday that never officially got a name in which I packed up all flip flops, sandals, shorts and tank tops until Flip Flop Day on April 15 when the winter stuff got packed up and the kids were "finally" allowed to wear shorts and flip flops again. We don't celebrate that holiday anymore (not that it was a celebration we particularly looked forward to when we lived in NY). It was a helpful holiday to me as a parent because everyone knew when they could and couldn't wear summer clothing and it removed the option to fight over clothing that wasn't season appropriate.

I kind of miss it. The idea of packing that stuff up today is absurd and I laughed as I sat here and sweating since it's 95 outside and it's 83 inside (because I'm too cheap/ stubborn to turn our air lower unless we have guests). There would be GREAT protest and uncomfortableness if I attempted to remove the summer stuff at this point. Here in TX my kids even wear flip flops when it's freezing outside and people from church mock us but then give us a bye because we're from NY.

Yes, I'm definitely missing fall this year but I'm continuing to learn contentment in living where I am and, on days like today, I even get a chance to laugh at it.

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