Sunday, October 25, 2015

5 Minutes in October: Silence


When I first saw the word silence I thought of "the silence" from Dr Who. Too creepy.

Then a DC Talk song started in my head, "Silence is golden but these are the words that the world needs to hear..."

Oh, silence is golden. I love silence. Silence doesn't happen a lot in my home. Right now I hear one of my children ranting silliness in voices from Strong Bad and another child singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" and another child excitedly sharing something learned in a book we picked up today even though it is after midnight.

Oh, silence. My children used to sleep at night. They used to go to bed earlier and I'd get a few golden moments of silence before I went to bed. Those days are gone. Yes, they're usually in bed before now but usually they still want to chat late into the night. My selfish self wants to tell them to JUST BE QUIET AND GO TO BED and often I do but this late at night time is so important. It's when the important talks happen, when I can barely keep my eyes open.

Those words that the world needs to hear according to DC Talk are "I love you" and that is often interpreted at this stage by focused presence more than just words.

So... that needed golden silence must be found in the morning before they arise.

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