Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Minutes in October: Fly


We don't fly very often as a family because when you figure in plane tickets times six plus renting a van wherever we're going it's just so much cheaper to drive.

Glenn has flown to us a couple of times when we've taken the slow route and he's met up with us somewhere far away for the short time he could escape the clutches of the schospitals he has been associated with.

He and I have flown to conferences without the kids a couple times. Often the flights are the calmest times of those trips and the only time we actually get to connect with each other.

We've flown for a couple of funerals when the kids were fewer and smaller and we did all fly when we visited the other side of the world last April. The kids especially enjoyed the endless amounts of in-flight movies they could watch.

In a couple of months Glenn's going to fly without us again. Tickets were purchased last night. This time it's not to come meet up with us in a far away place that we've taken the slow road to but back to the other side of the world. I'm sad we don't all get to join him this time and I'm sure going to miss him but I know our Father is going to teach us all lots during that month as we continue to seek Him in what He has next for us.

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