Saturday, October 03, 2015

5 Minutes in October: Capture


We have mice in our house. More than one. We have a "tin cat" that I think we bought when we lived above Palermo's. It helped us catch mice there. We haven't used it since.

While I was gone on our OH/NY road trip the tin cat captured a mouse but Glenn didn't have time to deal with it before work so Rahab played with the trap, opened it and set it free while he was gone.

Since then I think our mouse has had babies, which is why I say we have mice. I recently moved the tin cat over beside Rahab's food dish, figuring that is a likely place to catch a mouse and today one of the babies got captured in it which was obvious because Rahab was suddenly very interested in that metal contraption. Thankfully Glenn was home (he was supposed to be sleeping but I digress) and took care of it for us. My hero. Yay. One less mouse.

Which reminds me of the last mouse we captured, under a door in the guesthouse in India. Thanks, dear daughter, for stopping that one in it's tracks!

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