Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's Working Wednesday: ABC Trip Memory Lists (with NH Trip example)

What's Working Wednesday is my weekly post to showcase something that is working for me or my family at the moment. It may not work for us forever and it may or may not work for you.

We like to take road trips. Usually we take them to visit friends and family far away. One thing that we often do on our way home to help us remember all the things we experienced and to help pass the time is make an "ABC list." We go through the alphabet and shout out anything that we can think of that starts with each letter. It is fun to see what kind of things everyone comes up with. Some of the letters are more difficult than others to come up with words for so we try to bring quesadillas with us on every trip ;)

Between sharing stories rehearsing things that happened and coming up with words for all the letters and the random conversations that ensue this activity often takes us over an hour. It also leaves us with a fun list to help us remember a lot of the little details we would otherwise forget.

We have posted several of our ABC lists here on our blog and they are fun to go back and look over.

Here's an example that I haven't posted on our blog yet of our recent trip to New Hampshire:

A- Abigail, alphabet memory game, Atlantic Ocean, autumn beautiful-ness
B- beaches, bunk beds
C- Caleb, Chris, crabs, chowder, chats
D- Dover, NH,
E- Elias, enchiladas, earring (crab variety hanging from Chris's ear)
F- friends, falling, flashlight
G- Glenn, giant rocks
H- Hannah, house (saw Chris & Jaynie's new one)
I- ice cream
J- Jaynie,
K- Kittery Trading Post, kelp
L- Lydia, lunch, leaves
M- Maine, Massachusetts
N- Nafzigers, New Hampshire, new states!!, Nalgenes, no rain (when we were out on our walk), New England Clam Chowder (Glenn's first - he waited until he went to New England to be able to eat "the real thing")
O- old friends, ocean
P- peanut butter and jelly, pictures, Phillips 66 - gas for $3.60 in Durham
Q- Quichee Gorge
R- road trip!, rocks, Rutland, VT - cheap gas
S- Sophia, Speculator, star fish (we got to hold one!), sleeping bags, shells, scrambling, study-free weekend, seaweed, little shrimps, sunshine, states (4 new ones for 5 of us!)
T- tide pools, time off, trees, Timber Harvester (I saw one in a yard when we were driving down a road in Maine!!)
V- Vermont
W- Wallace Sands Beach, water-water-water-water-water
Y- York, ME
Z- zero responsibilities

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