Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Collage Artist

The local library has been an awesome resource just about every where we have lived and a favorite summer hang out. We usually really enjoy the summer reading programs and the events that are offered through the summer reading program.

This summer a collage artist named Michael Albert came to do a session at our local library. He talked about how he became and artist and showed us some of his work. (My apologies for the bad camera phone pictures once again.)
 Then he had us cut up a bunch of cereal boxes and other boxes to make art ourselves and made this collage for the library.
A Maas name collage
He signed and gave each of us a poster to take home with us (the two younger girls had to scoot out early for swim lessons and missed part of the presentation.)
Lydia and the US collage she got - it is my favorite. There was one hanging in the library from the time we moved to Lowville and I would admire it every time I looked at it. It wasn't until the presentation though that I realized that all the state names are in pretty much the correct geographic location.
 The library had an art contest  in which we were supposed to make a collage about our dreams. Here are the collages that the kids and I made. Abigail's (the top left) won for her age group because they especially liked the little guy mountain climbing up the chocolate mountain.

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