Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: 4th of July

On the Fourth of July this year some friends from Syracuse asked us what we were doing and wondered if they could come up and hang out with us. We thought that sure sounded like fun and decided we should take a hike. Even though I knew nothing about it besides the little blurb in a brochure of hikes I picked up at the Chamber of Commerce I chose Inman Gulf because:
1. we had never been there before and we like exploring new places
2. it was on their way to our house from their house.
The Maas Family Hikers
Because it was so dry this summer the waterfalls that are supposedly visible on the trails were dry but it was a fun hike and we got to see some interesting flora and fauna.
Scoping out the map and making sure cameras were working (they weren't - oops!)
We saw several of these big holes along the path. It was fun coming up with imaginative reasons for why they exist.
Caleb found a friend.
Group shot (except Glenn, our photographer) at the clearing at the power lines.
Devon & Kate
Enough pictures of Maases, let's see some mosses.... er... fungi.
Devon needed to get a closer look.
Doesn't it look like a turkey tail?
We tried to catch frogs in this puddle
but they didn't want to be caught.
We came across a basement.
Walking back along the truck road
we often veered of the road to pick flowers and berries.
Devon's fun find.
Kate's bouquet
my bouquet
After our hike we headed back to our house for our traditional Labor Day meal - Cream Can Dinner!
Then we went outside to play
We taught them our favorite game of the summer - soccer golf!
Other soccer players waiting for our turns.

It was fun to have guests for the 4th of July! Thanks for coming Devon & Kate!

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