Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Donating Hair

When the girls told me they wanted their hair cut short for the summer I asked them how short. I got out a ruler, did a quick google search to discover how long hair needed to be to be donated and asked if they wanted their hair "really short" so they could help people by donating their hair to make wigs. They were excited about the idea so we set about cutting their hair.
Lydia went first
I put her hair in 4 pony tails
and cut them off.
Oops! It ended up being a bit un-even. I am glad Lydia went first - her slightly wavy hair is MUCH more forgiving than Hannah's pin straight hair!
I was able to even it out some.
She likes it!
Hannah - ready to go next!
One down. (Did I mention we did this while Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds were visiting? Hi Grandma!)
Hannah thought her hair would make a good beard.
Into a bag it goes.
Evening it out. Hers wasn't as bad since I learned a little on Lydia's hair.
I think she likes it!
The kids showing off their new hair cuts (Abigail decided not to go as short as her sisters.)
A look at Hannah's hair from the back.
Bagged up hair - ready to go.
We decided to donate the hair to Pantene because they had the best reviews from friends who had done it before. I'm glad that we could give their beautiful hair to help others.

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