Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Fun with Science at Scitech in Watertown

Glenn had a reading day on a Friday early in our time in Lowville so we stole him away with us to Watertown for the day. (He is really supposed to study on these days, not goof off with us but it was fun to have him come with us!)

We bought a family membership to the Buffalo Museum of Science last spring because we had gone to Buffalo for the day and wanted to check out the Narnia exhibit there. Science museum memberships are GREAT because once you have one you can get in free to 300ish science museums around the world through the reciprocal program. It was fun to go to the Buffalo Museum that day (I'd really like to get back there and see some of their new exhibits) and we used our membership to go to the MOST in Syracuse and the Sciencenter in Ithaca. While we were in Ithaca we found out that there was a science center in Watertown and some homeschooling friends asked me to check it out.

The Scitech Museum wasn't the most high tech science museum that we've ever been to. I think that it probably doesn't have a lot of funding but we had a good time there and for the most part had the place to ourselves. Here are some pictures of things that we did.

The kids had an anatomy lesson with dad in the human body exhibit:

We made music with a piano, flip flops, pipes
and bamboo
and a vacuum cleaner hose and a drum stick.
We tried to combine our faces
and played with sand.
We experimented with pulleys
and saw and talked to each other from across the room.
We explored some old phones
 Caleb wanted to know where the "send button" was on this one.
 We played with air
Lydia had fun in the toy room
while Caleb took on Glenn in a big chess game.

We pretended to be archeologists
and played with sand again
We saw a lot of ourselves
and kissed in the shadow room
It was a fun outing and I'm glad we could steal Glenn away and check it out.

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