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31 Days of Flashbacks: Train Trip West: Day #8

Thursday,  August 11, 2011
 In which we tour some boats, play at a playground, meet up with more family, eat pizza, swim in a pool, and sleep on a yacht aga
We got up and ate breakfast on the yacht. The ministry gets some day old stuff donated from Trader Joe's and that is what we ate. I've still never been to one of those stores that I've heard so much about but the day old stuff was quite tasty.

We lazed about and then got tours of both the yatch (76') that we are staying on and the sail boat (maybe a little longer) next door. Both of these boats have been donated to the ministry and there are volunteers here working on fixing them up to prepare them for their trip through the Panama Canal and on to Honduras where they are planning on using them for pastor retreats throughout the Caribbean.

Grandpa and Jack
We're not really moving! Abigail sure looks serious though!
Hanging out on deck

Checking out the sail boat
This is the yacht we got to spend a couple of nights on.
Touring the sailboat
After a lunch of more day old Trader Joe's stuff we headed to the Vagabond Motel in Costa Mesa where most the family members that had already arrived for Grandma Maas's birthday celebration were gathered. (After a quick stop at a playground with a fun plane that we played at while others made quick Kinkos/ grocery runs.)
cool plane at the playground
fun slide
 At the hotel the kids swam in the pool (way too cold for swimming for me as it was only in the lower 70s) and we ordered pizza with Steve's mom - Murl (the birthday lady), Steve's siblings - Bernie, Mike, and Sue, Bernie's son Bernie, with Crystal and their daughter Juniper and ate it pool side.
Caleb had fun with Jack
hanging out by the hot tub (it was chilly - just look at Uncle Mike and Uncle Bernie!)
Grandma Maas, Steph, Aunt Sue, Steve & Debbie
Lydia with a Bird of Paradise
 Then we went back to the ship to sleep.

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