Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Robin's Nest

Back when we were living at "John's House" on Roosevelt in Syracuse God gave us a fun science experience right out our front window.  We noticed a couple of robins trying to make a nest on a little ledge on our porch. They were very persistent but all of their next efforts were blowing off the ledge and ending up on the floor of our porch.
 So Glenn nailed a margarine container up there to help them out.
 They laid 3 little blue eggs. We climbed up often to check out the nest.
  The eggs hatched.
 When the momma was around we mostly looked out the window.
 The kids decided to name the mommy and daddy robin "Chris and Miranda"  after our friends from Rochester, the Byrds. When they saw that there were 3 babies they named the babies Levi (after their son), Bella (after their dog), and John (they were pregnant at the time and they didn't know what the baby's name was so they just randomly picked the name John).
 It was fun watching the parents feed the babies
 and watching the babies grow
 and grow. Soon they had just about outgrown the bowl we'd given them.
 It was so much fun watching them grow and I was really hoping that they would fly away before we needed to move from John's house to our new house on Allen St.
 One day as we were watching them it looked like they were trying to psych themselves up for something and we got to watch Levi take his first flight.
 Not too long later we got to watch Bella take off. (The video of it is a bit jumpy. I was kind of excited.)
 John took a while to work up the nerve.
  Here's Bella holding onto the siding of the house next door.
 Coen, our friend from across the street came over to watch them fly for the first time.
 The kids were awestruck and had fun watching the birds take their initial flights.
  It was fun watching them teach themselves how to fly.
 It was neat to see what the nest looked like after they had all flown away.
  We saw the momma with a worm in her beak watching from the power line. Her babies had flown from the nest but she was still ready to feed them.
 It was funny to see the different places that they landed. They seemed to really like cars.
 I am so thankful for this neat opportunity to watch a robin family grow. God knew that we needed to do science while we were packing and He gave us a science experiment right on our front porch. He even arranged it for them to fly away just before we had to move. God is so good :)

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