Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Allen Street Flood

Back on April 26, 2011 the street in front of our house in Syracuse flooded.

It started as a normal day. Do school. Have friends come over for a play date. Random man tries to get you to change your electricity supplier then a torrential downpour floods your street. Shortly after all of these pictures were taken Glenn had posted a bunch of them to facebook but he has since removed most of his pictures and I realized that the Allen Street Flood had never been recorded on our blog. So today's collection of flashback pictures are from that day.
Umbrellas don't really help keep you dry in a flood
We thought it would be fun to try to float in umbrellas like Winnie the Pooh
The moms tried to get the storm drains cleared
while the kids frolicked and played
This boat floated from our yard down to the neighbor's house several doors down.
The first vehicle to try to navigate our waters was a Land Rover
I think he was having fun
Our neighbor had to carry her daughter and their stuff from their car parked far up the street on higher  ground
The corners were under construction and the deep pits made fun swimming holes (and also soaked pedestrians who didn't know they were there).
Just in case you were curious - all children pictured playing in our nasty water were the children of either medical doctors or students. Thankfully, no one got sick :)

After we got the drains cleared the city workers came by and looked so confused. They had been told that our part of the street was flooded. Fortunately for them the three women with rakes were there and took care of the problem ;)

The kids got the idea from that day that floods are a lot of fun. We had to tell them and show them pictures that, in reality, floods are no joking matter.

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