Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Train Trip West: Day #13

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
In which we head east, stop and take pictures, say good bye, then head east some more. Bonus "walk through the train" video feature done by Caleb staring Abigail included, no extra charge.

 This morning I enjoyed a beautiful southwest sunrise, we had muffins for breakfast and hung out on the train some more.
 Rode past more awesome wonders of God's creation.
 We got to Albuquerque a few minutes earlier than the scheduled 11:42am arrival and helped Steph and Brody get their stuff off and hung out with them on the platform for a while and took pictures.
The posse that rode together from Creston, IA to San Fransisco, CA to Los Angeles, CA to Albuquerque, NM by train.
Aunt Steph and the kids
Grandma and Grandpa and the grandkids
The group that started in Syracuse, NY and was on their way back there.
This crazy couple (whom I love dearly!!) started Amtraking from Lake Charles, LA up to us in Syracuse, NY across and back with us then got back on to go back to Los Angeles by the northern most Amtrak route. I can't remember which one they liked the best. 3 coast to coast train rides on a 30 day pass. These lovely people are amazing! (or crazy. or both!)
 We said good bye

then got back on the train to get ready for lunch (pepperoni sandwiches). We played some more cards and stuff as we passed through NM and CO.
we saw the front part of the train on a curve
We spent some time in the lounge car.
One of the train stewards gave us cups to play with to occupy our time. This was a tower we made.
Another fun train station
Here is a video Caleb took of the walk to the lounge car from our seats. It's a bit jumpy but gives you a bit of a picture of the walk we took many times over our days on the train.
 We had PB&J for dinner.
making supper
Mom passing out supper
Enjoyed a beautiful sunset.
  That night the kids watched Up with grandpa on his computer and I went to sleep. I "woke" in the middle of the night to go sleep at the girl's feet. I decided that the floor was much more comfortable than the seats on these trains. There I also don't have to worry about falling asleep on the shoulder of the strange man next to me.  

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