Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Cream Cheese Festival

I think that going to the Cream Cheese Festival is one of the requirements of doing the RMED program in Lowville. I love cream cheese so I was looking forward to it. You may not know it but, if you have ever eaten Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, you have, most likely, eaten a product made in Lowville, NY.

To celebrate cream cheese they close the streets and have a festival downtown complete with a cream cheese mural, a giant cheesecake, live music and lots of fun games and competitions.
showing off our artistic sides
Unveiling of the giant cheesecake (the line was really long and we didn't end up getting a piece.)
"The twins" got pirate hats. (they look cute as twins, don't they?)
We took Glenn home to let him study and then headed back to check out what else was going on. The kids signed up for a couple of competitions.
Lined up for the milk tray obstacle course relay race.
Here they are competing (Sorry the video is sideways. Not sure how to fix that.)
They were slower than the team they were racing but they definitely brought back more milk!
The finalists were judged on speed and accuracy and the kids got 2nd place!! (and won $60!)
They also competed in a "Feed Your Face" contest where they had to feed their partner chocolate cream cheese (which is super yummy!) with pretzel sticks. They didn't do it very quickly though so they didn't win any more money.
After the festival was over the we stuck around for a while to help with the clean up with some of our neighborhood friends because there was a lot to do and we like doing things like that. It reminded me of the time we helped clean up the Westcott Festival a couple of years ago. We helped stack chairs and tables, put things away and generally cleaned up.
Lydia helping to move a hay bale
Hannah shoveling hay
beautiful sky at the end of the night.
As a "Thank You" for helping with clean up we got these free Cream Cheese Festival t-shirts :)

The Cream Cheese Festival was a fun experience. I'm glad we could check it out. If we were still going to be living here next year I would definitely enter the cooking contest and be sure to get a piece of the huge cheese cake. Alas, next September we not be close enough to attend.

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