Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Island Camping

This summer we were invited to go camping with some friends of ours on an island near their office for a couple of nights with a few other families. One family couldn't make it because they had other plans but our family and two others did get to go. It was probably my favorite camping trip of all times. We had so much fun being the only 18 people on an island for a weekend. 3 couples and our 12 kids 12 and under.

We set up our big Cabela tent for all the girls to sleep in.
Here's a beautiful view from the island on Friday night.
Glenn had to paddle back to shore to find our cooler of food and while he was gone he found this little friend. The kids were thrilled.
Here's the girls, getting ready to sleep.
Saturday morning around the campfire.
So beautiful!
Tim, Craig and the kids off on a fire fighting expedition. (They had seen some smoke on a nearby island and went to put out the fire.)
Mary needs a lot of help eating her breakfast!
Sally came prepared with biscuit mix and half gallon Mason jars of gravy. A very tasty breakfast!
Dropping in for a visit.
The kids took lots of boat rides.
And dried off in the sun.
and played in the water.
No trace camping? Um, we kind of broke that rule...
I think Tim is not impressed with the carpentry skills of Glenn and Craig.
I hope that this table will be helpful for future campers though...
More boating
and fun playing "sink the canoe" with Tim.
12 of the cutest kids ever!
Julie won the "cleanest kid at camp" award for about 5 minutes :)
We brought our huge frying pan and used it to make fried potatoes - yummy!
The table works quite nicely!
Mary Anne wanted a picture with the huge pan of potatoes.
I can't remember what she said but I am certain that her big sister's pants were a bit too big!
Loons! We heard them then saw them.
We roped off this remnant of a basement so we wouldn't fall into it in the dark but the kids had fun playing in it in the daylight. The ropes made great clothes lines to dry swim suits and life vests too!
The pregnant lady ate some funny foods.
Looks like a serious chat.
Sunday morning breakfast - just a little bit of bacon!
packing up the girls' tent
All packed up, preparing to leave the island. Note: this pile is the belongings of only one family. The belongings of the other two families had already left (I think). We will not mention which family is the guilty party.
We had a praise service with the kids while the first load went over.
Tim leaving with a very full boat.

There go the kids
So long island...
I think her face says it all - what a great weekend!
We are so thankful for the chance to make some wonderful memories with some wonderful friends in the great outdoors. We are so blessed!

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