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31 Days of Flashbacks: Train Trip West: Day #11

Sunday, August 14, 2011
Our 12th anniversary in which we eat, swim, say good-bye, eat at In and Out, play at the beach again, say good-bye again, and go back to the yacht to sleep.

Up for our last continental breakfast at the hotel. The kids played with balloons with Jennifer and Jade and swam a little while we packed up.
After that we spent some time hanging out in the parking lot, saying goodbye to Roxanne and Lonna and their crews.
Lane saying "good-bye" to Grandpa Bernie
We had In and Out Burger for lunch. We ordered some of them "animal style" which means with grilled onions and our fries extra crispy (thanks for the suggestions Deph!!). We got a chocolate shake which was good but we should have ordered vanilla  as I heard it was better. It was super cheap (all 6 of is ate for about $20).
It counts as a date if your kids are at a separate table, right? Just ignore dad in the background ;)
After lunch our van headed to Long Beach to play in the ocean. Steve, Bernie, and Mike joined us after they toured the boats Friendships has out here. This beach had much calmer waves and the water was discolored quite a ways out because of sea breaks that protected the beach. We had fun.

After the beach we headed back to Friendships and cooked some hot dogs on the grill and had a picnic.
The kids were invited to decorate this truck with chalkboard paint on it's cab that belonged to a Friendships volunteer.
Then Steph and I took Glenn back to the airport while those left behind cooked marshmellows over a fire pit. We got back about 9:30, so much better than the 1am arrival a couple days ago. Slept on the yacht again.

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