Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Cow Pinata

Baby LaWinDa Milkzalot
Early on in our time in Lowville it was announced that there was going to be a Fifth Sunday Family Fiesta. It was also announced that they would be buying a pinata, and, silly us who have never made a pinata before, volunteered to make it instead.

We decided, since we are living in Lowville a place surrounded by dairy farms, that it should be a cow pinata. We, like I said, had never made a pinata before and I was a bit nervous about how it would turn out. I always do this - make things for the first time for other people, without doing a trial run for just us. When will I ever learn??

Anyway, we were given a bag of little balloons so we blew them up, taped them together, and covered them with paper dipped in a flour solution we found online somewhere.
First layer
Letting the first layer dry
Getting ready to add layer #2
Don't you put your pinatas together with duct tape?
We'd had the kids scribble on paper for the 2nd layer so we could make sure it all got covered twice.
Here she is drying the 2nd time.
dry cow - she stands!
from various tutorials  we read online we learned that crepe paper covers a multitude of mistakes :)
Filling her up with candy
I think Lydia likes her
Abigail does too!
Here's our cow, getting ready to take it's walk to church.
I've got my eyes on you
All the kids, from youngest to oldest got to take some swings at the cow.
The neck was broken
 After all the kids got a chance to swing at it a couple of the dads pulled it apart to let the candy fall. I think we made her a little too strong!
Glenn and the headless cow
Various Cow parts were used as candy collection places (we made Abigail share this candy - she really didn't need that much!!) and souvenirs.

  After the party was over we took a walk down to see the real Lady LaWinDa Milkzalot to apologize for beating on her baby.
 The pinata ended up turning out better than I expected and it was a lot of fun both making it and seeing it destroyed. I think I'd do it again.

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