Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Days of Flashbacks: Kayaking

We got an email at the end of the school year inviting us to go kayaking with some other homeschoolers. I thought it would be fun to go because the girls and I had never been kayaking before (Caleb had kayaked when we were in Michigan a couple of years ago). I went thinking it was a homeschool event but found out it was really a 4H event when we got there. We were welcome anyway and had a great time.

It was a gorgeous day. The older kids went off in the kayaks first with a couple of moms while the youngers stayed behind to await their turn.
A few of the older kids came back so the littler girls had a chance to try out the kayaks close to shore.
Lydia trying to kayak for the first time.
Lydia, Hannah and Lillian
Some of the boys went swimming while the girls kayaked (and rescued the little girls a few times when they got stuck).
When it was time to go back to town to get Glenn we were invited to go home and bring Glenn back while Mary Anne still had all the kayaks she had borrowed so that we could all take a trip on the river off to the waterfall. With not too much persuading we convinced Glenn to come back with us.
The waterfall we kayaked to.
My handsome husband and me
The girls found a little pool to hang out in by the waterfall and enjoyed their own little spa.
We took a short hike to explore what was beyond the waterfall.
Then the girls got back in their spa.
Then we headed back. Caleb, carrying only himself, rushed off ahead.
Mary Anne was loaded down with lots of girls in the double.
The closest we got to a group shot. Caleb was way ahead by this point and Lydia, riding with me, is only visible by the paddle she put in the picture.

We decided that kayaking is lots of fun and a good workout. If we ever live near water kayaks would be something fun to rent or borrow... we probably move too much for owning them to make sense.

Thanks Mary Anne for a fun kayaking adventure!

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