Thursday, September 15, 2011

Train Trip West - Day #3

Saturday 8/6
We woke up at the Super 8 in Clarinda and went down for the continental breakfast and saw Grandpa & Grandma Reynolds and Aunt Billie and ate. Then we put our swim suits on and swam for a while before dressing and heading over to the 4H building on the county fair grounds. We ate a picnic style  lunch with the Fine Family Reunion there. The kids made fast friends with Doug Fine's kids Celeste (13) and Adrian (11) and played frisbee golf out in the heat with them.
Lydia and Abigail hanging out with Celeste
After lunch we got some group pictures then headed back to the hotel to swim for a while (forgot to take pics of swimming at the pool).
The Bula (Fine) Pace Descendants at the Fine Reunion. (Grandma Reynolds and Aunt Billie's father was Elvis Pace. He was the son of Bula Fine and Claude Pace. Bula was the 2nd child and daughter of Rachael and Perry Fine.)
I didn't get a complete group picture of everyone at the reunion but here is some of the group getting set up for the big group picture. Lots of Descendants of Rachael and Perry Fine!
Our names were all put on the family tree on leaves to show which branch we were from. The Jobes were the biggest group. The Pace group is in the upper left in the pic.
Lydia made fast friends with Aunt Billie (when she saw this pic she said, "I love that lady!")
Hannah loved taking pictures of this little cousin named Seven.
Seven, Abigail, Brody and Lydia hanging out
After swimming we went back to the 4H building to hang out for a while and for a memorial time for 2 family members that have died since the last reunion (including Glenn's great aunt Susie who passed away in May of 2010).
Hanging out and playing games
Aunt Billie, Steph and Grandma Reynolds
Grandma sharing about Aunt Susie during the memorial part.
After that we enjoyed a Cream Can dinner that Grandma & Grandpa Reynolds prepared. It was delicious. There were also several pies to choose from for dessert. We helped clean up before heading to the hotel.
Pouring out the Cream Can Dinner - yum!
More cousins picking their pie pieces
Back at the hotel we hung out for a bit at Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds' room and they gave the kids playing cards that they'd gotten for them from their train trip in Canada and Steph gave them each a Roper hat and t-shirt that she'd gotten at Sierra Trading Post for them.
The kids showing off their gifts - cards from Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds and hats and shirts from Aunt Steph
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