Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adventures in Buffalo

Today we spent the day in Buffalo because Glenn had a photography seminar to go to there. While he was learning about lighting the kids and I went to the Buffalo Museum of Science. We decided to get a membership there because it is reciprocal so many other places and it was only $50. We spent an extra $10 to go to the travelling Narnia exhibit that was there. My friend Leah had gone and recommended the museum and we had a great time. We were at the museum from when it opened until closing time exploring the exhibits and playing. After the museum closed we went to Aldi to pick up sandwich stuff for supper (12 grain bread is on "try me" this week for 99 cents- I'm going to have to make a run to our Aldi here!) After leaving Aldi I was stopped at a stop light, looking at a map, and accidentally released the pressure on my brake and rolled into the car ahead of me. We pulled off the street and each had a talk with the Geico agent. Thankfully no one was hurt. Her bumper was a little loose and ours has some scratches and a little crack. Not sure how this is going to impact my insurance but it has convinced me that I would like a gps for out of town travel.

We all got home exhausted and are falling into bed. More details and pictures of our museum trip may or may not be posted later.

I am thankful for: a fun filled trip to the Buffalo Museum of Science, not one was hurt in the fender bender, 99 cent 12 grain bread, and insurance.
We were greeted by a big bear - Caleb gave him 5

The polar bear obviously terrified the girls :)

"Oh, it's the brain!!"

We loved playing in the sand!

Abigail's castle

Hannah concentrating on the couch she was making

Try saying what color the words are - it's harder than it looks!

Fun with light

This skeleton moves when you push the button

Outside of Narnia! No pictures were allowed inside :(

Of course you have to see a buffalo in Buffalo!

This water place was a lot of fun too!

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  1. Hey! So glad you had a good time - isn't it a great museum? We did the same thing - spent the whole day there!


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