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Out with the Old, In with the New... 2008 in Review

The first of the year always makes me reflect on the old year as I look forward to what God has for us for in the new year. I don't usually make resolutions but I did last year. I don't remember all of them but here is how I did on the ones that I remember:
1. Spend time with God every day - this is a normal goal I have every year. I did pretty good on this one this year. God has taught me a lot but I still have a lot to learn!
2. Use only cloth grocery bags. I did pretty good with this one this year. It probably helps that I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Aldi and I am not willing to buy plastic bags from them to put my groceries in. The rest of my shopping I do at Wegmans and they have those great "Did you remember your bags?" signs out in the parking lot which remind me to grab my stack of black Wegmans bags that I adore. They are so great! I use them all the time, even when I am not grocery shopping :). I think that I probably collected less than 20 plastic bags from various stores over the whole year which I really don't think is that bad.
3. Do not shop at WalMart. I kept this one! We haven't been to WalMart since November 30, 2007. I am sure that it has saved us a tremendous amount of money and hassle. I haven't missed it. When I have needed something it I've often prayed about it and it has been on sale at Wegmans when I do my normal shopping.
4. Blog at least once a week. I did better at this than in some previous years but still not great. I will try to do better this year.

I don't remember if I had any other resolutions and I haven't decided on ones for this year so I am now going to reflect on the last year. I'll put links to some pictures and some of my blogs if you want visuals or more information.

Did lots of sledding down "our hill" in "our valley" by the Conservatory in Highland Park. Found a mattress for Lydia's trundle bed on Craigslist. Had a minor car accident when a lady turned into our Burb near BJs. Checked out the new Elmo's world exhibit and the traveling Grossology exhibit at the Strong Museum of Play. Heard from Upstate that Glenn was put on the bad wait list. Enjoyed time with our community group and at AWANA. My dad and Russ visited our house for a couple of hours.

More sledding. SuperBowl party with community group at Schulers. Started Financial Peace University with our small group. Glenn interviewed at U of R. Valentine's Day party at the Museum of Play and date night at Lishawa's with our community group. Enjoyed visits from AmyJo, Kyle, Ehren, & Dad, Kim Hunt, Russ & Camy, Zach & Chris. Celebrated Lydia's 4th birthday with a trip to the Museum of Play. Ended the month with everyone sick.

Visited Dad at Rochester General after his heart catheterization. Went to the Public Market in a blizzard. Had Lydia's birthday party. Took walks in the snow after dinner because it was still light out after the time change. Went to the St Patrick's day parade downtown. Enjoyed Easter dinner at Lishawa's with Hoffmans, Lilites, and Ippolitos. Quick trip to Waterloo because they thought Dad had had a brain stem stroke, it turned out he was just having seizures b/c he had missed some meds. Caleb started reading Redwall. Kids did Read Across America at the library. Had dinner at the Bertrams. Had community group over for Hawaiian Haystacks.

Celebrated April Fool's day at the playground with unseasonably warm weather and cake for supper. Took many trips to Lishawa's to feed Sammy and do our laundry. Had an interesting conversation with Caleb. Baked lots of bread because Caleb was helping and added lots of sugar to the wrong bowl. Got too many books from the RCSD book giveaway. Had dinner at the Dudleys. Hosted a party with a direct sales kitchen tools company and decided to sign up to be an independent consultant. Awana hike at Durand Eastman Park. Practices and meetings for Spring Fling. Burb failed inspection because outer tie rod broke.

Celebrated Glenn's birthday and 3 days off in a row with a short vacation to Fillmore Wesleyan Church, stayed with the Nafzigers, and I had my first Cooking Show at Jenn Keeler's house. Enjoyed Highland Park in the spring with cherry blossoms, dogwoods, magnolias and of course lilacs. Spent Mother's Day with Dad and the Nelsons at my cousin Jamie's house. Held 2 other Cooking Shows. Struggled a lot with depression and unknowns of our future. Applied for passports for the possibility of going to Caribbean for med school. Hannah learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. Steph and Brody visited. Glenn dropped his phone in the toilet. Awana closing. Spring Fling.

Dad went home to be with the Lord. Calling hours. Funeral. Kendra came to visit. Played in Lake Ontario. Abigail started potty training. Community group camping trip at Letchworth State Park. Had a couple more Cooking Shows. Kristina helped me sort the kids room and we got rid of a lot of toys in preparation for going to Caribbean possibly. Got letter from U of R that wait list wasn't moving enough and so Glenn didn't get in. Started packing.

Lots of packing and sorting. Watched fireworks from the top of Highland Hospital parking garage. Weekly free movie at Regal theater with the Free Family Movie Festival as well as free movies in Highland Bowl. Trip to Waterloo to go to Sauders, visit Phoebe and go to Zach's graduation party. Found out Caribbean school lost Glenn's application so going in the fall not an option and after much prayer decided to stay in Rochester but found out our apartment was already rented out. Seneca Park Zoo with Robin, Stacy, Bethany & Ava. Celebrated Caleb's 8th birthday with Dudleys, Kristina & Betty. Bought our Mac G4 laptop off craigslist. Tales with Tails at the library. Challenged by City Builder and City Watching sermons at church. Went to Museum of Play with Jenn, Noelle & Mya. Sold several things on Craigslist. Started moving stuff to Betlem Storage. Weekly story time and summer reading program at the library. Communtiy group yard sale at Hibbards. Help moving from many friends. Said goodbye to Highland Park and 1090 and temporarily moved in with Lishawas.

Got settled in at Lishawas'. Glenn biked the 3 miles to and from work all month. Arnett Community Block party. Digging and Dunking at church. More weekly free movies and summer reading as well as many visits to Arnett Library. Glenn shadowed a DO. Had stuff stolen from in the house while we were in the front yard including our cell phones, Lishawa's computer, one of Glenn's bikes & his favorite messanger bag with some important stuff in it. Glenn's bike was recovered but it took several weeks of red tape for him to get it back. Went to Family Camp at Letourneau during our anniversary. Kids enjoyed playing at Lishawas. Played at the Files on their trampoline often. Got new cell phones after almost 3 weeks of hassles with Verizon. Glenn applied to many medical schools. Celebrated Hannah's 6th birthday. Weekly prayer time with Lishawas.

On Labor Day had Dad's burial then spent the afternoon by and in Grandma & Grandpa Nelson's pool. Made a castle out of a refridgerator box. Started a new small group on the south side of town. Kids started AWANA Caleb - Truth & Training, Hannah - Sparks, Lydia - Cubbies, Abigail - Puggles. Starting homeschooling - Caleb 3rd grade, Hannah 1st. Spirit of America. Darien Lake. Lishawas left for Jordan. Greatly challenged by Fighting Fair series at church. Honey extraction at Tinker Nature Center. Deaf Awareness and Curious George at the Museum of Play. WXXI Open House. Museum of Play with Pines.

Moved into our new little house. Sparks hike. More moving. Sonja started Beth Moore's Daniel study. Went apple picking. Raked lots of leaves. Family Fun Fest at Brighton Library and other visits there. Halloween party at Museum of Play and went trick or treating and got amazing amounts of good candy.

Abigail got sick. Filled up our tank for less than $100 for the first time in years. Voted. Rochester Book Festival. Got our CLA. Lots more raking. Caleb's first overnight at a friend's house (Will). Sold more stuff on craigslist. Girls all got bad colds. Watched Frosty the Snowman in honor of the first snow that stuck. Many visits to Brighton Library. Celebrated Abigail's 3rd birthday. To Haywards for Thanksgiving. Had dinner at Chalones.

Glenn started volunteering at St Joseph's Neighborhood Center. Did a couple of Holiday Bazaars for my business that weren't very successful. Burb wouldn't start several times so we got it a new battery. Had Chalones over to play. Went to a party with our old community group. Museum of Play with Keelers, Mesmers, and Nelsons. Fun time hanging out with our small group and singing carols. Went sledding. Took kids Christmas shopping for each other at Museum of Play store. Went to a big Christmas light display after going to the late Christmas eve service at church. Celebrated Christmas by enjoying Christmas morning at home and Christmas dinner and games at Files. Glenn's parents came to visit on the 30th for a week and a half and helped us ring in the new year.

I often get comments on how much my kids have grown. So as of right now this is how big they are:
Caleb - 55.5" 72#
Hannah - 47.25" 47#
Lydia - 45.75" 41#
Abigail - 38.75" 33#

Well, I think that was my longest post ever. We are excited to see what God has in store for us for the next year and know that He will be faithful through it just as He has been this year.

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