Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Wrecking Good Time

So we had some excitement last week in that we were in an auto accident. We are fine as are the people in the other vehicle. Even though we were driving the "fortress of protection" according to the Monroe county sheriff's deputy our vehicle sustained more damage. The front end is a little messed up (see pictures below) and went into the shop today for who knows how long (ps we were not at fault and hopefully will get our deductable back from the other insurance company eventually). Our insurance provided rental vehicle is a Nissan Versa (actually in this color). Which though cute and somewhat fun to drive only seats 5. So.... We are hoping to have a Sonja and at least one kid catch a ride with our friend Kristina for church this coming Sunday and not have to go anywhere too much other than that :-). Other than that we are doing well. Sonja is keeping busy with the kids doing homeschool with the older two and trying to keep the younger two entertained. On the church/community group front we have been listening to two of 10 sermons titled Things I wish Jesus had never said. They have been interesting and good and convicting. For community group we got together last night and watched the kids in Nursery as it was our week. We had fun hanging out as a group playing with little kids and trying to keep them from destroying themselves, each other and objects in the room, it was a blast. Abigail really liked it as she had mommy and daddy to hang out with during Awana. That about sums up the highlights of our last two weeks. Until next time enjoy these pictures of the kids playing rope the teddy bear.

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