Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moving Day 3

written 10/7/08

Sunday was a pretty crazy day with church at 8:30, helping in 2s and 3s at 10 then I watched the video for the Daniel study during the 11:30 hour while the oldest 3 were in HighPoint and Glenn and Abigail hung out in the library. Thankfully I had made chili and thrown it in the crockpot so we came home, ate, then got very little done Sunday afternoon before heading back to church for Vertical Worship. Needless to say we did not get much done on Sunday moving wise.

Yesterday we decided to get everything out of Brian and Kristina's. We took a pretty full load over and started unpacking some then needed to head back over there for small group. I am really not sure how we are going to make this house work. I am kind of depressed that we are paying $75 more a month for this house than our last apartment and we have so much less space. We are going to have to get creative and get rid of a lot of stuff which is hard for me. It will be good though because a lot of what we own is not practical for how we live. Glenn has some fun ideas for furniture for us that he has found from browsing some small spaces websites. We'll take pictures along the way so you can see our progress. But here is a picture of the wall of boxes from yesterday, the kitchen/ dining room side of our downstairs (with bonus boxsprings that won't fit up the stairs or through the window), and Hannah helping Glenn put together the bunk beds. I am hoping to make a lot of progress unpacking today.

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