Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saying goodbye to an old friend

1090 South Ave. Apt 4 has been one of best places we have ever lived.  So we decided as a family to do a top 10 list of why. (After just eating Salvatore's pizza on the empty front porch.)
*The person's name following the comment is the one who said it not the only one who agrees with it.*

10. Saw Wood chucks in Highland Park (Caleb)
 9. Leaves from the Lilac festival (Lydia)
 8. We got to go to the Library a lot (Hannah)
 7. Highland Park and Highland Bowl (Caleb)
 6. Close to movies in Highland Bowl (Hannah)
 5. All sleeping in the same room (Lydia with Abigail's agreement)
 4. The city skyline out our window (Sonja)
 3. Less than a block from the Hospital, the Library and the park (Sonja)
 2. Watching people skate on the pond from the house during the winter (Sonja)
 1. Lots of space for all our stuff, a huge closet and the enclosed front porch. (Sonja)

To continue the list: being close to the museum of play that we could even walk(Sonja), Friendly neighbors (Sonja), Sophia the neighbors' cat (Abigail), a big kitchen (Sonja), watching the cars go past (Caleb), could walk home for lunch (Glenn), lots of space (Glenn),.

Just because we are saying goodbye doesn't mean we are ready to leave. Blugh!!!

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