Saturday, October 04, 2008

Adventures in Moving - Day 2

Well, today was a busy day. Last night I had emptied our dressers. We had moved our dressers here instead of to storage so we would have a place to put our clothes. Most of the clothes were shorts which really aren't necessary right now when it wasn't supposed to get much above 55 today. I am looking forward to digging into the "fall/winter" boxes that are at our new house (I think) so that my kids can be dressed appropriately.

Back to my story... this morning the kids and I went up to Seneca Park for the AWANA Sparks hike. We all went even though Hannah is our only Spark this year. It was a lot of fun and it turned out to be beautiful weather for the hike (even though there was rain in the forecast for this morning). All of the pictures on this post are from the hike. My girls particularly liked hanging out with Heidi. There is a picture of them there with Heidi and her brothers Kip and Derrik. I had the girls wear their pink rain coats today to be a kind of a wind breaker. It was easy to find them when they were wearing them but I kept coming up with 4 girls (which I know that I do not have) because Ruby was wearing a coat the same color (you can see her in a couple of the pictures). My girls had all ditched their coats before I took any pictures. Caleb mostly hung out with me and was disappointed that Will was not there to hang out with like last time. It was fun going on the hike with Mrs. P because she always has such interesting information and the kids just love her!

While the kids and I had fun at the hike Glenn was back home moving. A couple of couples from our young couples Adult Bible Class - John and Kirsten and Peter and Christina came over to help him. They got a load from here including dressers and the kids mattresses and then a load from storage including our table (minus the pedestals) and our bed. We showed up when they were just about done and rode up the elevator to grab a little bit more (it truly is amazing how much will fit in the Burb!) and the kids played with the balls in the halls again then we headed to our new place to drop everything off. We were just about unloaded when they tried to get our box springs upstairs to where we are planning on sleeping. It won't fit up the stairs so it was taken outside and they tried to get it through the window. Still a no go so back inside to try the stairs again... nope. I really wish I would have gotten pictures of all of this... the camera was in the car. It was frustrating because if we only had about an inch... but no. I am not sure how people got beds up there before. I am not sure how we are going to be sleeping. I was really planning on using that space under the bed to store stuff. It will all work out. There was a fun idea in Ready Made that we might do... we'll see. Depends on how creative we get. We really need more nomadic furniture and not so much "normal people" furniture. Glenn found this fun idea here that I would be interested in. It sounds like a great idea.... we'd just need a couple extra of the bed things.

Anyway, we have 3 loads down, not sure how many to go before we are completely moved in. This afternoon I left Glenn and the kids at home while I went to do a Cooking Show. There weren't a lot of guests but I met some new people and had fun making a yummy chocolate peanut butter cup torte. 

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