Monday, September 22, 2008

No Longer Homeless

Thanks for all the prayers of those of you who have been praying for us to find a home. We are no longer homeless as of when the Lishawa's return - yeah!

We haven't signed a lease yet but the landlord did a background check on us and we are good to go for this little house. The pictures are of the downstairs of our house... yes, I know, there is not a lot of living space. The stairs go up to the 2 bedrooms upstairs. On this side of the stairs is the laundry room with washer and dryer (which I am very excited about) and pantry. In there is also the furnace and tankless water heater. Beyond the stairs you can see the bathroom door. There is also a shed outside where we can store our bikes and there is a large yard. I will post some of our actual pictures when I take some.

At our new home we are again surrounded by Highland Park. It is about .8 miles uphill to Highland, where Glenn is working now. He has applied for a few jobs at Strong and it is a good location for working there as it is about a mile from there as well. (No parking fees!!)

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  1. Praise God for your own place! I know you love living in community, but I also understand that this is an answer to a very big prayer request. Your house looks so nice. It will be even more so when your kiddos make it look like a home! Congratulations and God bless you, Maasi clan, in your new digs!


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