Friday, April 11, 2008

Lots and Lots of Dough...

Jenn, one of our friends from Houghton works for Monroe Ambulance and stops in occasionally. Tomorrow is her birthday so I invited her for pizza before work tonight and we made her a cake. Caleb and Hannah were making the cake and I was making the dough when Glenn got home. I went and gave him a quick kiss and when I got back Hannah asked me what was next because Caleb had already added the sugar. Where? I wondered... He had put it in with the pizza dough that I had already started. So the bowl had 2 C plus 3t of sugar, 3 C water, 3T yeast and 1.5t salt. What do I do with it??? I hate to waste the sugar and the yeast and I do need to make bread but none of my recipes call for nearly that much sugar... hmmm. So, trustly old Betty had a recipe for "Rich Egg Bread" that calls for 1/4C sugar and only makes 1 loaf of bread so.... I made 8 times the recipe. That means 24-28C of flour!! Good thing I always buy flour by the 8 pack at Aldi :) I added some whole wheat flour to try to make it more healthy. I also broke off a chunk and added some raisins to make some cinnamon raisin bread. I'll probably make 4-5 loaves of regular bread, 2 loaves of raisin bread and make some cinnamon rolls with whatever is left. I guess I will be up a little later tonight. Edited Saturday morning to add pictures: The picture on the left below is the dough before I let it rise. I should have taken a picture after it rose... they were almost touching. It was huge! And then on the right it is the finished product that I baked this morning. It doesn't look like that much. I really thought it would look bigger. Well, at least we have bread for the next few days :)

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