Tuesday, July 29, 2008

With a Little Help from Some Friends

Today was "move the big stuff day" at the Maas household. I woke up totally not ready for it and tried to work and didn't make much progress. I had been informed that I needed to send out an email to ask for help from our Adult Bible Class teacher and I reluctantly did late last night asking for help at around 1 since that was when I thought one friend was going to be available.  I am super woman and I feel that I should be able to do it all on my own and I also feel guilty asking people to help us move because we move so often! Anyway, I sent it out and an engaged girl from our young marrieds and engaged class came. I hadn't really gotten a chance to get to know Kirsten before but it was so much fun to get to know her while she helped carry our stuff downstairs to the Burb and into storage and into Lishawa's house. I was so glad that she came because she was a huge help!! Our friend Zach from community group also came which was super helpful and Brad also came for the last load. Another huge help today was my friend Rebecca who has 4 kids of her own under 6 took my kids to the Museum of Play for a couple of hours to play so that we could haul stuff without them underfoot. It was amazing how much we could get done without them (not that the kids ever cause big problems but they are kids and do kid-type things often). We are so thankful for so many people who have helped us through this move and for the prayers that have sustained us.

Now I am tired and sore and we are still at the "yucky stage" of moving. The kids are sleeping in a tent in their room tonight and Glenn and I are on the floor in ours. I thought that it would be better because then we can just wake up and start working without having to wait until everyone was up and then get them ready to go out the door but I am sure I will wake up sore, just like when we are camping since we are sleeping on our camping mat. I think that it will just make sleeping in a real bed again all that much more sweet when I finally do it again. Got to go to sleep so we can hopefully get done tomorrow (I don't know if we have ever been able to get done moving a whole day before we had to move out but I'm hoping that it will be the case this time!! Every move gets a little bit easier. Maybe someday I will even like moving. 

Before going to bed (I mean floor) I will end with a quote from Epictetus, "I am always content with that which happens for I think that which God chooses is better than what I choose." Oh, and another good one from Calm My Anxious Heart "If we are to find contentment in the midst of trial and uncertainty we must accept our situation as being purposely allowed into our lives by a personal and loving God."

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  1. Praying for the move! Loved your post especially the last paragraph. hope you guys aren't too sore today!!


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