Saturday, September 13, 2008

Outside Fun

Last week we had a lot of fun outside. We were out riding bikes in the driveway and noticed a refrigerator box down the street. We had recently checked a book out of the library about cool play places that you can make and I was very excited to make one and was SO excited to find a box! We looked through the book and decided to make a castle. We had so much fun making it and playing in it.

On last Wednesday to celebrate the beginning of school we met up with my friend from church, Anita and her kids Felicia and Cameron, and went to the Brighton Library. We checked out books and then went out to play on the playground and have a picnic. It was fun to play instead of stress on the first day of school. I brought my camera but completely forgot to take pictures :(

Then on Saturday we invited the Files, another family from church who live just around the corner, over for brunch. After eating the kids all went outside and played in the driveway and made up a little town and rode their bikes on the street and were often "put in jail." Here are some pictures from the day.

I think Hannah is helping Gabe guard Josiah in Jail.

Following the basic traffic patterns.

Here is Lydia in her Flower Shop.

Here is Hannah in her hotel.

Abigail is a patient at the Hospital

We were told that Priscilla didn't like little kids but I think that our kids helped change her mind :)

The kids also got to start Awana this week at church. Here they are showing off their bags. We didn't have "first day of school" pictures so here is, well, I was going to say "the next best thing" but I think that it is an even better thing b/c we love homeschooling and AWANA. All 4 kids are in AWANA this year in different classes. Abigail is in Puggles (a new group for 2-3 year olds), Lydia is in Cubbies again(for 3-5 year olds), Hannah is in Sparks again (for K-2nd graders) and Caleb is in Truth and Training (for 3rd-4th graders.) We had a fun first night. I volunteered to help with T&T because they needed some more female leaders and had a good time. Oh, and I forgot to mention another un-pictured event is that we started a new small group for our church here at the Lishawa's house on Monday nights. For childcare we just let the kids play upstairs and watch a movie. There were 11 adults and 5 kids present and we had a good discussion about "fighting fair" the sermon series that all small groups at church are discussing this fall.

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