Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2, 4, 6, 8 the Maas family is really great now that Hannah is 6!!

This is our 100th post and we have a great reason Hannah to celebrate! I have been looking forward to yesterday for a LONG time but probably for a different reason than. Yesterday was Hannah’s 6th birthday. I have been looking forward to it because for the next 3 months I will be able to say my kids are 2,4,6&8. I know that it is goofy but I think that it is so fun! I am loving this stage of parenting (for the most part). Our kids are all at such fun ages and are independent but not TOO independent J.

It was a fun day. After birthday cinnamon rolls we went out to play with Hannah’s new Tag Tails. It was so much fun chasing each other and snagging each other’s tails. We played Steal the Zookeeper’s lunch which was a lot of fun! Hannah loved the zebra tail because it has pretty ribbons off the end of it.

We ate a quick lunch then met up with the Chalone’s at the Museum of Play. We hit all of Hannah’s favorites – the Dance Lab, Clifford, Reading Adventureland, and of course Wegmans. Hannah loves being a cashier and even got to check out some other customers' groceries, not just her own. After playing for a few hours we went outside and shared cupcakes that Rebecca had brought and snacks and played on the playground. It was fun to share Hannah’s birthday trip to the museum with some friends.

After we got home we had Hannah’s birthday dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers and corn. Brian and Kristina were home so it was fun to share it with them. Hannah wanted a doll cake again this year. The frosting was a little too soft so I put her in the freezer so she didn’t melt too much. Glenn had to take a picture because it looked like she was surrendering or maybe lifting her hands in praise, we weren't sure. After cake and ice cream we had a little praise session while we were cleaning up which was a lot of fun. We are so thankful for Brian and Kristina! They have been such a blessing to us!

Here is the birthday girl with her doll cake. I did dots instead of squiggles this year.

The day ended with this cute sight of Caleb reading to his sisters. What a great day!

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