Friday, July 11, 2008

Different Perspectives

On Wednesday the kids and I went to the Seneca Park Zoo with some friends and it is funny the different perspectives that people have. As we first arrived and were walking toward the zoo entrance the older of the two sisters that we went with said, while looking at my kids, "Wow, four doesn't seem that bad." She has a little girl that is almost one. The younger sister that is due in September said, "That's funny. I was thinking, 'Wow, that looks difficult. I couldn't imagine having four kids." It made me laugh! Four kids isn't easy, at least not everyday but God has given me four great kids who get along well (for the most part, they are siblings :) I couldn't imagine life without them! I should ask them what their perspectives are on 4 kids after our time at the zoo was over. Their mom said that I was an inspiration to them both. I'm thankful - God in His grace covers a lot of my mistakes. Here are some pictures from the zoo. My little mommies LOVED Ava and wanted a picture with her. Here is also my big turtle named Caleb :)

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