Monday, January 26, 2009


I am only just a little bit excited. Actually, no, I am a LOT excited! Today at about 2pm Glenn was at work and he got a call from a restricted number. He contemplated whether or not to take it but since he was walking past the kitchen he decided to slip in and see who it was. It was a lady from SUNY Upstate Medical University informing him that he has been accepted for the class of 2013!!!! We are moving to Syracuse!!! Glenn finally got in to medical school! Yes, it took 3 times applying but he's in! God answered our prayers!

My first response was to scream and then cry and then tell the kids and then change my facebook status to "Sonja is SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wow! I can't believe it is real. We have been waiting for this for SO long! I was really hoping that he wouldn't get put on the waiting list - he got an acceptance call!

Hannah's first response was "Mommy, where is my green book [her quiet time diary]? I need to check it off [of her prayer list]!" She is so excited that God answered her first prayer request that she wrote down. Another cool thing - he gets his white coat on her birthday - August 26th!

I know that there is so much to come but I am excited and continue to praise God and trust Him with our future.


  1. That is AWESOME!! We are SO happy for you. Congratulations. What a wonderful answer to prayer.

    Kim & Jason Zentz

  2. HIP HIP HORRAY!!!!!!!
    HIP HIP HORRAY!!!!!!!
    I am so glad you two have been so persistant! God bless you both.

  3. YIPPEE!! YIPPEE!!! YIPPEE!!! We are so excited for you and scared and praying!!! We love you so much!! Dad and Mom

  4. Anita Cooley1:20 PM

    Dear Sonja,
    I just found your page today and we are THRILLED!!!! for you and Glenn:) At last:)
    We are leaving to come to New York for our Winter Break!!!
    Love you tons and tons,
    Anita and the Texas Gang


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