Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fort Stanwix Homeschool Day

Before we left Syracuse there was an announcement on a couple of local homeschooling yahoo groups about a homeschool day at Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. I mapped it and discovered it would have been about an hour from Syracuse (where we were living at the time) and about an hour from Lowville (where we would be living when the event happened) so I registered and pestered Glenn that I needed to have the van on the 25th.

We drove down for the event and ran into some homeschooling friends from Syracuse as well as a family that we have met since moving to Lowville. It was a fun day. At each area of the Fort there were stations set up for the kids to learn or do something related to what was going on at the Fort back around the time of the American Revolution. We got to trade our beaver pelts for supplies to last through the winter, built our own fort out of food to defend ourselves, practice using muskets, learn about  living at the fort and some of the chores that would have been required of us, see medical instruments and hear about medical practices, hear music from the time period and play with time period toys. We also got to try our hands are archeology because, until the mid 1970s when the fort was rebuilt, the place where the fort currently stands (which is where it stood back in the second half of the 1700s) was covered with buildings and parking lots. The only original thing in the whole fort is one fire place hearth that was uncovered. They will be having more archeological digs this summer that we'd like to go and check out.

I would highly recommend a visit to Fort Stanwix if you've never been. We are looking forward to taking Glenn down there one day this summer so we can explore some more!
Archeologists in training
Look what I found! (Uncle Doug would be proud!)
The girls made this fort out of graham crackers, pretzels and frosting (the cannon out of a tootsie roll and mini oreos can't be seen)
Musketry training

trying out the yoke in "Family Life"
tricorn hats
Lydia dressed up to go get water for the family
Fun at the parade ground
Model of Fort Stanwix
Cute kids after a fun day!

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