Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Perspective

It's Friday again and time to write for 5 minutes on...



This morning in our devos we were reading from Psalm 78. It rehearses the story of the Old Testament. It tells of how God chose Israel and how Israel chose to sin and how God punished Israel and they repented then sinned again and started over again. Caleb was wondering, as I often have: "Why didn't God just start over with someone else instead of keep working with the Israelites who were just going to disobey Him again?"

From my perspective I am SO thankful that God didn't just throw out the nation of Israel because they disobeyed. It gives me hope that when I mess up, when I sin, when I disobey that He is not going to give up on me. He loves me and has chosen me and I am so unworthy. God's perspective of things is so much different than mine and I am so thankful that it is. I am thankful that He doesn't give up on me.

It makes me want to change my perspective as a parent. I want to be to my children a parent like God is - ever forgiving, ever blessing, ever striving to restore right relationships no matter how my kids mess up because that is what God has done for me.


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  1. Seriously. There are days I wish he would scrap me and start over. But I am so thankful he doesn't. Believing he is able to make something beautiful out of this scrapheap...


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