Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Identity

It's Friday again. Time to write for 5 minutes :)


Who am I?

That question of my identity has been answered many times over the years.

At first I was "Roger and Sandy's baby."

As I grew I was often known as "Mrs. Nelson's daughter" since my mom was a teacher.

Later, I was often known as "Russ Nelson's big sister." My brother was more athletic than me and was more well known.

Throughout school I was known as a quiet one. My friend Molly told me once that her family asked what we did when we got together, sit around and not talk?? Even in my senior yearbook I was labelled as the quiet one and pictured with a boy who would only whisper, not really speak aloud.
A blast from the past from my senior yearbook

Today I am often known as "Glenn's wife" or as "the mom of Caleb, Hannah, Lydia, & Abigail." I am the cook, teacher, laundry lady, and nurse (though I usually pass that off if possible) in our home. Many others who have followed my life know me as "that lady that moves a lot."

My favorite identity though is "child of the King of kings," "a forgiven one." This is the identity that I am most unworthy of and most thankful for!


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  1. Great post--let's us see you at different stages of life and how you see yourself. I'm in whole hearted agreement with your conclusion!


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