Thursday, May 31, 2012

AWANA Grand Prix

Last week the church that the kids have been going to AWANA at had their AWANA Grand Prix. The kids had had a lot of fun decorating their cars and it was fun to watch them race down the track as well. They didn't win for fastest cars of the night but they all made it down the track every time, usually faster than the last car.
Abigail's "Tie Dye," Lydia's "Mercy's Taxi," Hannah's "Flower Bed," and Caleb's "Beetle Scorcher"
Dad helping get the cars to their maximum weight
Abigail, ready to race
Caleb and Hannah - head to head
Lydia's taxi ready to head down the track
Here's a bunch of the other cars lined up for design judging
Hannah's car won for "Most Exotic" or something like that
The girls' friend whose car we made the night before came in 3rd fastest in the Sparks' competition
I'm thankful that the kids had the opportunity to participate in AWANA for these last few weeks and for a fun night at the Grand Prix :)

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