Saturday, May 05, 2012

Our 6 Mile Evening Adventure

 Tonight we decided to go for a walk at around 6pm. We weren't really hungry because we've eaten too much lately and we haven't gone on a walk in about 3 days so we decided to take a bit longer walk. We have gotten used to our 2 mile walks. Tonight Hannah was saying that when we lived in Syracuse if we'd told her that we were going on a 2 mile walk she wouldn't have thought that she would have made it but now 2 miles is nothing ;). In April, the first month that we lived in Lowville, we took a walk that was at least 2 miles on 14 different days, most of them around our block.

Today we decided to go around a different block that Glenn had mapped to be around 4 miles. At the beginning of the walk we walked up hill for about a mile and Lydia was practicing her entomology skills because many bugs had been hit by cars and were dead on the side of the road and she needed to check them out :)
A butterfly Lydia found
We walked and walked and finally saw a stop sign on our left. Was that East Rd? The picture doesn't give justice to how rough the road is. Googlemaps on my iphone said that it was the road that we were looking for so... we turned down it.
Are you sure this is the right road??
We wandered down the very rutted road (I wouldn't want to take our van down that road!!), picked up some cans, and saw some flowers. We were having fun and singing, "We are lost in the woods, we are lost in the woods," "We are going to starve, we are going to starve," and other verses from Jungle Jam and Friends. (I love those crazy creatures!!) When we came to the sharp curve to the left we knew that we were on the right road. (We knew that we were heading in the right direction and knew that, even if we had to walk cross lots across a pasture, we could get home.) Eventually we came to the paved part of the road and saw some houses again and walk past a farm that had some cows and sheep.
pretty flowers - looking forward to walking here again to see them in bloom!
We stopped by WalMart on the way home to cash in our cans and bottles and wash our hands. We got $1.10 - it would have been more if we had bags to carry them in. Note to self - always bring bags on our walks to pick up trash (there was LOTS of trash) and cans along the road. The trip from WalMart to home was fun because we were back in familiar territory (it's part of our normal walk) and we all had fun kicking dandelions and sending them flying.

Our 5th mile was the fastest at 9:25. Our 3rd mile was our slowest at 24:13. I wish we would have walked just .05 miles more so that we could have done exactly 6 miles. I am proud of the kids. They did great and didn't complain at all. I love hanging out with my family and I think that we are ready for a backpacking trip! Can't wait!
Our route. Note: don't turn onto East Rd from 26 in your vehicle unless you have really high clearance ;)

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