Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Adventuring

 There was beautiful weather and Glenn was off this weekend so we all got to get out and enjoy it.

Friday night was a toss up for us. We had 2 fun options to decide between: (1) go to the drive-in to watch The Pirates Band of Misfits and Avengers or (2) go to Whittaker Falls Park where a man from the Sci-Tech Center in Watertown was bringing telescopes to look at the planets and learn us about the stars. We opted to do the Astronomy thing because looking through telescopes isn't something that we do often and we wanted to make sure that someone was there for the event since he was traveling so far. We all had a good time and, as it turns out, there was a pretty good showing of people there. The kids spent most of their time running around and playing on the playground in the dark with a bunch of other kids. There were 2 telescopes set up and we were able to see Venus (I didn't know what we often see of it is just a crescent), then I missed out on seeing Mars through the telescope but got to see Saturn and it's rings which was really neat.

On Saturday morning I took a walk around the block before the others got up and stopped at Tops on the way home. They had chicken breast (bone in) on sale for .99 /# and I had a coupon for $4 off a $20 meat purchase. I bought just over 20# of chicken and used my coupon. That should last us a while! I threw some in the crock pot as soon as I got home then Glenn and I made a quick trip to the Farmer's Market at the fairgrounds for it's opening day and bought 4 six packs of plants- Florida 47 tomatoes, Rose tomatoes (which are heirloom and my sister in law tells me will grow to be huge), bell peppers and cayenne peppers. We then all went back to Whetstone Gulf to do the loop again. We did it in just shy of 3 hours this time but skipped the extra up and down hike to the lookout. We decided to count the danger signs and starting at around sign 8 we came up with the idea to have one or more of the kids pose with each of the signs holding fingers up to indicate which number danger sign it was. We counted 32 signs but we may have missed a couple. No one can say that they weren't warned of the potential danger on that trail!

Cuties posing between two trees.
Abigail petting a root that looked like a critter of some kind.

The girls posing with sign #18

Sign #25

Glenn, my 32 year old, posed with sign 32 - the last one ;)

A bit better stats than our first time
After getting home from our hike we walked to a friends house to paint our Grand Prix cars with them and play for a while before heading home for supper, showers, and bed. 

Sunday we went to church early because Hannah's class was having a man come in to talk about bullying. I think that he gave helpful information. After church there was a pot luck dinner so we stayed for that and helped clean up before walking home. We drove over to tractor supply to buy some potting soil to plant the plants that we planted yesterday. We put some of our plants in the Topsy Turveys that we bought last fall on clearance. We'll see how that goes. Then we put the rest of them in other random containers. We also started some lettuce, basil, cilantro, spinach, and scallions. Looking forward to some fresh veggies in a couple of months :)

While we were busy planting the kids played in the sprinkler with some of the neighbor kids then played kickball. Later we took our walk. Instead of going around the block the kids wanted to "just go to WalMart and back" so that is what we did. There are no hills on that trip. We wandered WalMart a bit because I recently found a gift card in my wallet from who knows when with about $50 on it but I wasn't impressed with the prices or quality of anything there so, for the 3rd time since moving to Lowville, we went to WalMart and did not buy anything. I'm not sure that many people do that but we have, many times.

It was a fun and beautiful weekend and I am so glad we could have so much fun as a family :)

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