Friday, May 11, 2012

My, How They Grow

Earlier I was looking at my pictures on facebook for a picture and I came across this one from the summer of 2009:
they were so little!
I had taken that picture of the kids with the mule boy outside the Erie Canal Museum downtown early on in the time that we lived in Syracuse. I took in on purpose because I wanted to see how much the kids would grow over the time that we lived in Syracuse and grow they did.

The picture below was taken just after we moved from Syracuse when Glenn had to be back in town for orientation or something:

It was cold and windy that day.

I laughed when I saw that I had had the kids do a silly picture each time so here are their silly pictures as well:

I've always been told "Don't blink, they grow so quickly." It seems like it was just yesterday that the girls had those pink keens that we'd bought when we thought we were moving to  the Caribbean (for more info on that read posts from the summer/ fall of 2008 - I've stood in awe, once again as I read over some of those posts at what God did back then) and those funny Crocs on Lydia we'd bought at Ollies when we lived in Rochester. That shirt that Abigail has on was a favorite of all 3 girls and was ragged long ago (like most clothes when Abigail gets done with them!) And my Caleb, he's almost as tall as the mule boy. I kind of figured he would be.  They do grow quickly. I want to seize every moment.

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