Monday, April 30, 2012

Old Forge & Game Night

The weekend after Easter we decided we needed we wanted to go exploring. We weren't sure how far we wanted to go but finally decided to go and check out Old Forge on Saturday because it was only about an hour away. Like most touristy towns in the Adirondacks, Old Forge is pretty dead off-season. One thing that we wanted to do while we were there was check out the Goodsell Museum. There is an exhibit there until October called "Medicine Up North" that we thought sounded interesting. The museum was in an old house that was donated to the historical society and was pretty fun to explore with interesting things from the north country. There was a woman there who gave us a lot of the history of the house and told us extra information about the different exhibits. The doll house that they have there is pretty fun to see was the girls' favorite thing. They change the decorations in the doll house for the season (there were lots of Easter decorations when we saw it) so if you make it to check out the museum be sure to check out the seasonal decorations. :)

While in Old Forge of course we had to go to the Old Forge Hardware, "The Adirondacks' Most General Store," which was fun to explore.

The kids posing with a big stuffed moose in Old Forge Hardware

A big moose outside the Life is Good store
On Saturday we also went on two walks around our block, one before and one after dinner. The earlier one we invited some friends from down the street to come on with us. We invited them to come on a walk with us again on Sunday afternoon and then, since they also just eat popcorn for supper on Sunday nights, invited them over for popcorn and games.
We had a great time playing Whoonu
The younger 3 girls had been "playing school" while the rest of us were eating lots of popcorn and playing Whoonu then, when we went to find out what some strange sounds were, we found them sliding down the stairs on a tarp - creative silliness.
sliding down the stairs
Our first full weekend home in Lowville was fun. I'm thankful for a chance to explore and fun with new friends.

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  1. Oooo! You have a Life Is Good store?? Those are my favorite clothes. I'm always so happy when I find a store. :))


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