Friday, November 27, 2015

It's a cold, wet night in Fort Worth.

It's a cold, wet night in Fort Worth. It's been wet for over 24 hours and keeps getting colder and it's not supposed to warm up or dry up for another couple of days and I've been complaining.

In my heart and out loud I've been complaining. I don't like being cold. I don't like being wet. When the weather's like this I just want to hibernate but we're pet sitting for friends while they're out of town so we've made the trek out our doors and between our homes more often than I would of my own volition.

...and all I can think of is the homeless people and I am ashamed of my discontent heart. I leave one home that is dry and warm-ish and has blankets and go to another home that is dry and warm-ish and has blankets. I may drive a car with no heat between the two but the blowing cool air keeps the windshield clear of our breath and the drive isn't that far and I'm dry.

Tonight when I got home from checking on the dogs I had to run Glenn's phone to him at the hospital because he'd forgotten it at home and I was complaining a bit in my heart because I had the cold car and I had to leave the house again and then there, just inside the rotating door way, was a man and a woman bundled up with a few plastic bags a piece. The lady chuckled at me as I walked in, "it's a bit cold out there isn't it." I smiled and said, "yes, ma'am, it is." and my heart broke. I'm not sure how much longer they will be able to sit there in the warm, dry hospital. I don't know at what point they'll be forced out into the cold rain. Glenn told me the man was sitting there when he arrived earlier tonight and he told me of a man that slept for over a week in one part of the hospital in the heat of this past summer. Maybe they'll get to stay inside tonight. Who knows. They didn't really look prepared to handle this rain, or the cold.

As I was walking out the man asked me if I smoked. I told him no. He then asked me my name and how old I was. "Sonja," "36, no, I mean I'm 37." The lady chuckled again saying it's to late to ask such hard questions. He asked me and if I was there with my boyfriend. "I came to bring something to my husband that he left at home, he's working upstairs." The woman told me I'm a better wife than she would be, that she wouldn't come out on a cold, wet night like tonight. I told them he's worth it and wished them a good night and left.

And I can't get them out of my mind.

How I wish I had something to help them. I don't even know what I could give that would make a difference. I'm home now, nursing a cup to tea to warm me up, listening to the rain, feeling the cold seep in through the windows thankful to be inside, out of it for the night, thinking of those who are not as fortunate as I am.

It's a cold, wet night in Fort Worth and I'm a bit more thankful for my circumstances than I was.

Oh Lord, please be with those not as fortunate as me tonight. Help them to find warm, dry places to sleep and help them to be safe and not alone and help me find a way to make a difference in their lives and to be grateful for my circumstances and to trust You with all of this. Amen