Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yard Sale

I am a big fan of going to yard sales. We have found some neat treasures in other people’s junk. One of my favorite yard sales is the Houghton VFD yard sale on Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends every year. We have had two yard sales ourselves. One in Waterloo, before moving to Houghton, and just this last Saturday as we are preparing to leave Houghton and head back to Waterloo. I was not impressed with our yard sale in Waterloo. 5&20 is a decent location but it definitely was not fun… Saturday’s yard sale was fun. I just love living in Houghton. It is such a small town that you know, or at least recognize, everyone. Stopping at the Jubilee or the DG after church is like a reunion. I am going to miss it! Anyway, we had a yard sale on Saturday at our friends’ house down on 19. We had a few big items (like dressers and Caleb’s old power wheels that he had outgrown) that we really didn’t want to move because we had convinced ourselves that we didn’t need them anymore. (Simplify, simplify). A friend helped haul the stuff down Friday night and we went down to set up Saturday morning around 7:30. We put up a couple signs at the college entrance and one at the dump advertising a sale from 7:30-noon and sat down to relax. As we sat and visited under the tree with the Sampsons and the kids played on the big trampoline lots of people stopped by, many of them just to visit. It was a really fun morning and the best news is that we sold all our big items, yeah! I have decided that the most fun place to have a yard sale is here in Houghton, too bad we are moving. :o(

Friday, June 02, 2006

Lydia's not so short prayer

Lydia, has begun praying now beyond "Dear God, Amen!" and has reached the stage where she is thankful for everything. Her normal prayer is something like this..."Dear God thank you for my plate and my cup and juice and mommy and Caleb and mumble and mumble and peanut butter and bread and pizza and baby sheep and dooley and Bethany and Paul and Hannah and milk... Well I think thanked God for every vehicle on the property at Earl Sorenson's. All of us can learn a lesson from Lydia and be thankful for everything we have as well.