Friday, August 24, 2007

Changes, changes, changes...

We haven't posted on here in a while and I still have to post on Caleb's birthday and the rest of the summer so far but the biggest news is that Glenn got a job at Highland Hospital and we are moving to Rochester! We went for Glenn's drug test on Wednesday and to look for a place to live. We found this house on and it is only about a block from Glenn's work. We will be living in the upper left apartment - 1090 South Ave. It is a two bedroom apartment with a big living room and dining room and kitchen and enclosed unheated front porch. It is a little more than we wanted to pay but being less than a block from work we will be able to get rid of the Corsica and we are just steps from Highland Park and there is a public library just across the street from the hospital. The only driving we'll really have to do is church and grocery shopping - yeah!

We also found a dining room table and 6 chairs and a set of bunkbeds on Craigslist. I would have posted pictures of them but they were yanked off craigslist so they wouldn't keep getting calls. We picked up our table and chairs on Wednesday and left it in Russ and Camy's basement. We will pick up the bunkbeds on Monday when we go up for Glenn's physical and to sign our lease.
Right now I am supposed to be busy packing so I better sign off. Just wanted to share the good news!