Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Bike... Slave Labor... Train

This has been an exciting week. Glenn's been looking at Craigslist pretty regularly for housing, bike parts, etc. and over the weekend he saw a Adam Tandem Trail-A-Bike for $95. Russ and Camy went and picked it up for us and Russ brought it to town on Monday. Caleb and Hannah think that it is great! We are planning on using it and our Cannondale Bugger that we got from the Masts (our friends from Fillmore Wesleyan Church) to get around to save money on gas. Here is a picture of us trying it out and after our 4 mile ride to see Kyle's practice and play at the spray park.

I was getting really tired of doing 3 or more loads of dishes a day and never getting them all done and I am wanting to have the kids get more involved around the house. The other day I was looking through some other families' chore charts online that had lots of kids. I tried looking at ones that had kids around my kids ages and I decided that in addition to their normal "kissing chair", set the table and clear the table jobs that rotate I would get new dishwashers. On Wednesday I announced that I would teach Caleb and Hannah how to do dishes and that from now on Hannah would be breakfast dish washer and Caleb would do lunch dishes leaving only supper for me, yeah! They were so excited to have these new jobs and Caleb even offered to do the supper dishes but I told him he was not old enough. When Lydia is 4 and a half she can take over breakfast dishes and Hannah can take over lunch dishes and Caleb can do supper dishes. They are actually looking forward to it. (me too!!) I took a picture of Hannah and Caleb on their first day on the job. They look like they are really suffering ;)

Also, on a final note, Lydia just ran through. She had been in the bathroom and as she ran in the bedroom she said she was going potty. I asked her why she was going into the bedroom without her pants on and she said, "THERE'S A TRAIN!!" I guess that explains everything. She always runs to the window when she hears a train it's just that, normally, she's dressed.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Photo Album

Here is our latest photo album that we added to facebook. It is too much work to upload pictures here so I just thought I would add pictures there and put links here. We will see. These are pictures from April and May.