Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Apartment Tour

So many people have prayed that God would provide a place for us for so long that I thought I would give a photo house tour for you to enjoy of our new apartment. The tour is not quite good enough for apartment therapy (also we do not have a pet which we think is a requirement for apartment therapy house tours) but it will give you an idea of where we are living :)

Here is the entrance to our apartment. Our door is the one on the left. If you could see through the side of the porch you would be able to see the bathtub that was in our living room so long. It is still there. Someday I hear it will be going to the reStore but I am not sure when that will happen until then there it sits :)
After walking in the front door there is another door to go through. We think that this is great because it is a better insulator from the wind and cold than just having one door.
In the entryway we have a closet. It is pretty deep with shelves behind the hanging area.This is from the living room looking back at the front door. The wood doors cover 6 (I think) shelves that we keep our games and the kids hats and gloves and snowpants on.
Here is the living room from the entryway. There are built in book shelves behind the Christmas tree, to the right of the fireplace (which we can't use because there had been too many big fires in it and the chimney would need to be completely re-done)
Here is the living room from the dining room.
Here is the dining room/ school room. Our book cases and school supplies are all stored on this side of the room.
The computer and printer are in the other corner of the dining room.
This is the built-in linen closet just outside the main bathroom. Behind the doors are 4 shelves and there are three big drawers underneath. I love built-ins! They are something that I was really looking for in a house when we were trying to buy. I am so glad God gave me some here :)
This is the main bathroom. It is off the dining room.

The girls are sharing a room. It is right next to the bathroom. They are all sitting on the bed that they are using for now.Here is a picture of the kitchen from the dining room. I love the island and all the old cupboards. There is lots of storage space. The door next to the cupboards goes to the back stairway which leads outside and to the basement where there is a front loader washer and dryer that we can use (for free!!) Next to the fridge is the door to Caleb's room.
Here is the kitchen from the other angle. Some may say it is a little unconventional to have a medicine cabinet over the kitchen sink but the kids have fun talking to themselves while doing dishes and it hides some of my spices and the dish soap :)
Here is Caleb's room. He is very excited to have his own room! He is looking forward to having a bed someday instead of sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor but we haven't found one on Craigslist yet. Soon, hopefully!I almost forgot our bedroom. It is actually off the living room so I guess I should have put it back there. Glenn uses our room to study when he is home.
And this is the bathroom off of our bedroom. I guess technically it is a full bath since it has a bathtub in it but since the bathtub "has mostly been used to store golf clubs" the pipes are all corroded and water doesn't come out of the faucet so we are just using it for storage. It is really nice to have two toilets though!Well, that completes the tour of our home for tonight. I hope it gave you an idea of where we live, this place that has really begun to feel like home to us. We are thankful for this place. God is so good!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

One of our Thanksgiving traditions that we recently started is to have everyone record as many things that they are thankful for as the number of years they have been alive. This year we went to PA for Thanksgiving to spend the day with our friend Rachelle's family because she was getting married the next day. We wrote down the things that we are thankful for in our car ride there. Here they are from youngest to oldest in no particular order (and these are not necessarily the only things we are thankful for or the most important) but here they are.

Abigail (on her 4th birthday!)
1. stayed at a hotel with Grandma and Grandpa
2. Kaylee
3. going to Rachelle's mom and dad's house
4. moved to Syracuse

1. we got a TV and a Wii
2. moved to Syracuse
3. we got an apartment
4. we made leaf roses
5. lilacs at Highland Park - our backyard where everybody went

1. we have a church
2. Caleb gets his own room
3. Petit Library
4. roses
5. new friends- Elodee, Franscesca, Kaylee
6. got to see Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds
7. we got to stay at a hotel with Grandma and Grandpa

1. got a Wii and TV
2. new friends - Dallas
3. Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds visited us in Syracuse
4. we could go to Rochester (when we went to Hamiltons and I had brothers)
5. roof over our heads
6. almost done unpacking
7. .I have my own room
8. we can witness to people around the neighborhood
9. there's a playground 2 1/2 blocks away

1. Sonja and her support and that she's my best friend and our 10 years of marriage
2. I was accepted to medical school
3. I got into summer anatomy
4. our sublet for the summer
5. people that put us up during our time of homelessness
6. Gavendas and their friendship
7. Mom and Dad came to visit for Christmas
8. all the people who helped us move- Chris B, Jenn N, Matt G, Kendra O, Robert M
9. new van- a working vehicle in the price range we wanted
10. our current apartment - the blessing of price and location
11. Burb turned over and got to Syracuse
12. Caleb and how he's keeping his room clean and his improved attitude about school, he's maturing and taking better care of his sisters.
13. God's provision of furnishings for our home - dressers, free couch from Ferrys, table from neighbor girls, table from Gavendas, $25 desk, table from Salvation Army
14. my small group
15. my summer anatomy friends
16. Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds came out to visit
17. Grandma and Grandpa Nicodemus and Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came to my white coat ceremony
18. Hannah- she's sweet and helpful and she loves her little sisters
19. Lydia - her tenderheart, she's maturing, she loves to run, how well she is doing in school, she likes to sing.
20. all of my kids have tender hearts and hurt when their siblings hurt
21. our trip to the Adirondacks for 4th of July
22. my single speed bike and road bike from craigslist
23. we did not buy a house that we don't love with lots of problems
24. Abigail- she's getting bigger, she has such a personality, she likes to sing
25. all the kids sing praise songs and I have a lot of fun with them.
26. 237 is starting to feel like a home
27. Sonja's work with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, caring for us
28. I am handling medical school and doing well
29. all that God has done and provided and made Himself evident in this past year and that greater things are yet to come!

1. our small group in Rochester
2. our sublet at 315 Roosevelt
3. Glenn got into medical school
4. Glenn took summer anatomy
5. Joel and Michelle's hospitality and friendship
6. Matt and Christina's hospitality and friendship
7. our apartment w/ 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms on Roosevelt
8. Steve and Debbie visited
9. Yuko visited
10. our North Baptist family
11. Fillmore Wesleyan church family
12. our van
13. people who let us borrow their vehicles while we were looking for a van
14. Petit Library
15. Brighton Library and especially Miss Cris
16. Grandma and Grandpa Nicodemus and Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came to Glenn's white coat ceremony
17. Barry Park
18. Highland Park
19. Strong Museum of Play
20. we've met and made friends with neighbors
21. clothing for the kids from Melissa and Christina
22. God's provision of housing when we were homeless
23. school is going better this year
24. Glenn- my best friend
25. .Caleb - my good big brother
26. Hannah- my big helper
27. Lydia - my little sweetheart
28. Abigail - my crazy little cracker
29. facebook - it has helped me reconnect with old friends
30. we survived lice and it wasn't that bad
31. safety when our house was broken into