Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dangerous Picnics

We have been eating our lunches outside the last three days as the weather has been nice. Today, while we were eating at our picnic table, Hannah took off her shoe and told Lydia to hold still. She then proceeded to smack Lydia up the side of the head with her shoe. When Sonja asked what was going on Hannah explained that there was a bug in Lydia's hair. A bug, to Hannah, is a very good reason to use a shoe on her sister's head since she has picked up a bugaphobia from her big brother Caleb. They are improving though as they are at least willing to try and kill bugs instead of screaming and running away. Anyway, we think it should be safe for anyone to be around her even with a bug in their hair as she now knows not to use a shoe on people. :-) Hannah is listening as I read this out loud to Sonja and she just told Sonja she will try not to use a shoe on people anymore. She is a little sweetheart (just not to bugs.)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Russ and Camy's shower

This past weekend we went to a wedding shower for Sonja's brother Russ and his fiance Camy (They are the two at the far right). We had a fun time with them and many old church friends at the shower. It was also fun for Glenn to play basketball with Camy's cousin Dutsu (blue shirt in the middle) who we met on our trip to Ohio in February. We were also able to spend time with Sonja's Grandma Hansen and also her Dad, Roger Nelson, as well as hang out with her Aunt Amy and her Uncle Paul and their kids Zack, Ehren, and the infamous Kyle. Over all it was a good weekend and it was fun to get out of Houghton for a while.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Baby Sheep

One of our kids' favorite things to do is to go and visit the sheep. About a half mile up the road is a barn that has 6 sheep and an alpaca that we take a walk to visit just about every day. Over the last few weeks 5 baby lambs have been born. Three of them have been born in the last 48 hours a set of twins and another baby whose twin died. Here the kids are pictured petting Cinnamon. She is also pictured with her mom and twin "Midnight." Lydia ran just about the whole half mile to the sheep barn today saying "See baby sheep, see baby sheep." We have to keep a more careful watch on Lydia these days when she is outside because she wants to walk and see the baby sheep by herself. Caleb caught her really close to the road running down the driveway going to "see baby sheep" yesterday.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Caleb Reading a Story

this is an audio post - click to play

Lydia Looking cool

One more picture for you Grandparents, Siblings, and Friends. Here is a fun picture of Lydia we took earlier this month.

Caleb and Hannah Sledding in May??

As you can see Caleb and Hannah did not get to go sledding enough this winter so they found their own way to go sledding in our backyard while it is warm.

Abigail Dedicated on Mother's Day

We had Abigail dedicated this past Sunday, Mother's Day, since we wanted Pastor John to dedicate her at our church. Since they are leaving and so are we, we didn't have many Sundays left to choose from so... it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. The picture isn't that good of the dedication so including a good one of her taken yesterday 5/16/06 for your viewing pleasure.


We decided that we would try to start a blog that we will try to update at least once a week with a little update and hopefully a picture or 2. So welcome to the beginning of the Maas Blog. The picture is of Hannah wearing a dress she may wear as a flower girl.