Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ankle biter

Ever wondered where the term "ankle biter" comes from? Sonja used to... until today. Thank you Abigail.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's official...

Abigail is related to Grandma Maas too. Today after lunch Caleb left the peanut butter bowl a little too close to Abigail while he was going to get more apples and you can see the results. It seems that I have a peanut butter fan in the making. I am also including a couple of pictures from Indian Summer which was last Monday. We went out to play in the yard and of course Abigail decided that the slide is much more fun to walk up than to bother with the ladder. She already has the nickname trouble... just wait until she starts walking!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Family close by

The kids have loved living in Waterloo. They get to play with the infamous Kyle and Ehren and get to see other relatives quite often. I know that they will miss that whenever we move. Caleb thinks that he is so cool because he is almost as tall as Grandma Hansen. I can remember when I couldn't wait to be as tall as her too. Uncle Russ and Aunt Camy have been living just across the parking lot from us for a couple of weeks before they close on their townhouse. The kids have loved playing with them. They've also gotten to go out to eat at McDonald's with them and done their nails together. Pictured below is the beautiful hair-do the girls gave Aunt Camy using all of their barretts. Isn't she cute! Lydia just looked at this picture and laughed. She said, "Camy pretty. Her silly. Her needs to come over here."

Princess Hannah is 4

Hannah turned 4 on August 26th. She wanted to be a princess and have a princess cake. Glenn likes the picture of the cake by itself because he thinks it looks like it is coming to get you. Hannah had fun at her party with her cousins (actually Sonja's cousins) Kyle and Ehren, her Aunt Amy Jo, Great Grandparents: Ed & Jean Nelson, Eileen Hansen, and Earl & Ruth Reynolds, and Grandpa Roger and Teena. We can't believe she is already 4!!

Camping with the Cronks

At the beginning of August we went camping for the weekend at Green Lakes State Park near Syracuse, NY with our friends, the Cronks, from Houghton. It was fun going to the beach, hanging out at camp, having bonfires, sharing food, catching up and having fun. We hope to do it again next year if we are around.

When it rains, it pours...

It is raining here today so we thought we would pour some pictures onto our blog that we have neglected lately. Here are some fun pictures of the kids taken recently. FYI - for those of you who heard about how cold it was in our house for a while when we lived upstairs, it was not cold when we took the pictures of Caleb, he just decided to take a nap with his hat on in 80 degree weather. ;o)

Lots of Grandparents = lots of love

Just uploaded this cute picture from church a few weeks ago. Glenn's Grandma and Grandpa Earl and Ruth Reynolds stopped by Waterloo, NY on their way to and from Nova Scotia where they took a bus tour. It was so fun to visit with them and get spoiled. We took the opportunity after church to get a picture of the kids with 5 of their 8 great grandparents. It has been fun to live in Waterloo for a little while near Sonja's grandparents, Ed and Jean Nelson and Eileen Hansen. It was a very sunny day and that is why the kids are squinting.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Caleb's 6

Caleb turned 6 on July 15th. We started the day with a waffle breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's pool with lots of fruit and whipped cream for toppings. Afterwards the kids swam with their cousins Kyle and Ehren. We didn't figure birthday cake went too well with breakfast so we had cake and ice cream Sunday afternoon and Sonja's 3 grandparents were able to join us. Caleb wanted a boat cake and it turned out pretty cute with 3 little people made of starbursts. Glenn was quite proud of his rescue ring. Caleb loved the cake and said the people were himself, Hannah and Lydia and they each got to eat themselves. Caleb's favorite gift was little Army men sized cowboys and indians that have had skirmishes all over our house. You can see them on the table in front of his cake.