Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Orientation and school starts

We are here!!! Sorry no more pictures at this point but did want to write a quick update. We moved in on Tuesday the 4th with the help of Sonja's brother Russ and his wife Camy. (We also had help moving out from Amy Jo, Sonja' aunt.) We did not get electricity until Friday so we spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Russ and Camy's in Farmington about 30 minutes out of Rochester. Thursday night we spent the dark night here. When the power came on Friday morning the kids all cheered. We went to church at North Baptist this past Sunday. It is a bigger church but seemed somewhat friendly. We are planning on going back this coming week. Today was the start of orientation for Glenn and also the first day of school for Caleb and Hannah. Hannah was so excited to start school and had a good day. (Caleb had some power struggles with Sonja but the day went ok.) It is going to be an adjustment to teach two kids and Sonja would appreciate your prayers. Well that is all for now. Thanks for all of your prayers and keep them coming as the house is still far from settled (even though we did have company over tonight for supper as Russ and Camy were able to come over for Lasagna.)